Monday, January 7, 2013

Charlotte's Best Deals: City Smoke

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of Charlotte, NC's newer uptown establishments, City Smoke. I have visited twice before, and while every visit was friendly and the food was great, it was something about this last time that was OUTSTANDING! That something was the Shrimp and Grits. They were absolutely DELICIOUS. For new comers to the South, "Shrimp n' Grits" are a long standing tradition that are a staple in areas like the Low Country of South Carolina. Traditionally, shrimp and some sort of pork (sausage or bacon) are cooked with spices and butter in a light sauce, then served over a steaming plate of creamy grits. Some may add the "trinity" while cooking, and others choose the garnish with scallions at the end.  But City Smoke has broken the rules.
(1)The dish was served in a small metal mixing bowl (the theme is rustic barbecue).
(2)The grits were rich and creamy, yet loose
(3) The entire dish was swimming in the most delicious seafood and tomato broth I have ever tasted in my LIFE!!

Yes...I said swimming. If you are used to shrimp and grits this may sound odd, but this is the best version I've had yet. And the cherry on was only 14.00, and that was one of the more expensive entrees.

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