Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Must Have: Mary Macs Tea Room, ATL

Consider my mind blown.

As a "Foodie" I have become conditioned to proundly flaunt my flair for finding new,  quirky,  and just plain fancy cuisine.  But, on my recent trip to Atlanta, I had an epiphany.  That epiphany was Mary Mac's Tea Room.

I have been to Mary Mac's before.
On this visit as I took in the moments captured in the plethora of pictures displayed on the walls I realized that simplicity and heart felt cooking is the new novelty.  Every thing about this place shows the love and attention that is poured into every Arnold Palmer,  smothered chicken,  and Cobbler without a banner that reads "SOUL FOOD".

So whats my favorite dish? I live for the roasted Turkey (or pork) with cornbread stuffing,  tomato pie, and collard greens. My favorite thing about it is how much they didn't try to reinvent the wheel,  but that they handled the most humble ingredients with so much care that they were transformed into a memory of yesteryear.  A memory of my Nana's hot water bread, aunt Rose's dumplin's, and grandma's oxtail stew. Whenever im in Atlanta this place is a must!