Monday, November 5, 2012

Please, Allow Me to Introduce Myself...


My name is Shavon and I am in LOVE with food! Everything from shopping an finding new ingredients, to cooking and eating it. I LOVE IT ALL!

After many years of expressing my passion for food on deaf on blatantly uninterested ears I have decided to turn where many other over-enthusiasts of other areas (crochet, duck calling, etc..) have gone to find their brethren...the internet. Pintrest is a bit "stay at home mom-ish" for me, so blogging it is!

It isn't good until I make this face ;)
I'm 24, and I have background in Marketing and Business Admin, but I am currently working in HR/ Business process outsourcing, but somehow I still can't keep my mind off food. So please, share recipes  comment, tell me if my recipes are horrible, or if they're the best you ever had. THANK YOU FOR VISITING :)

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  1. I am a witness... Your food is soulful and delicious!!!!